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Destiny Security Guard Tracking Software

The Destiny Tracking software is a powerful tool we use at United Guard Services, Inc. to track all aspects of guard duty.  It allows us to effectively manage our team of security guards at your property so that you can worry about running your business.  

The Destiny Software is run in our patrol vehicles and on each guard's smartphone, making it an excellent portable option for tracking and recording their duties and observations throughout their shift.  The information is fed into reports that we use to monitor the guard's activities and report to you on the status of your property.  It is much more efficient and cost effective than stacks of paper reporting.

Give us a call at 619-792-5445 or fill out our online form today for a quote on security guard services and we will provide you with a custom tailored security solution that ensures your property and and the people you are responsible for are protected.

Stay informed

Receive clear and concise reports, showing what happened while the guard was on duty at your location. 


The software allows us to create checkpoints at locations throughout your property for the guard to tag throughout the shift, ensuring your entire property is covered.  You can assign orders at each post, such as "ensure doors are locked" or "take photo of mailboxes," so that any duties you need to take care of are covered and recorded.

The phone is pinged at each checkpoint, tracking the GPS location and time, so you can see exactly how your property is being patrolled.

Daily Activity

Get a summary of everything that happened on your property during the shift, showing locations and times.


If there are any parking violations, you will receive a detailed report of the issue and the outcome.


If any situations arise where police are called on scene, a detailed arrest report is sent to you immediately.


Our guards monitor the property for any hazards or maintenance issues that require attention on your property.


What is a GeoFence? It gives you the option to set up a virtual perimeter around your property and receive alerts when the guard enters or exits the premises. 

This is a great option for tracking mobile patrols to allow you to know when the guard arrives on scene and leaves the property. It also helps with standing guards because you can be alerted when or if the guard leaves the property for any reason. These features give you peace of mind knowing that your property is protected.

You can have GeoFence alerts sent to you as they happen, or have a summary report sent to you at the end of the week, whichever you prefer.

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